As a Black man, and the sole proprietor of This is Cultured, there is a natural stance I have and am willing to consistently take concerning the Black Community. This company does not tolerate anything less than the full acceptance of all people, no matter their ethnicity and cultural practices. Cultured represents those who have more melanin than most, love themselves as they are, and work hard to express themselves in the most unique and creative ways possible. 

If we can take a look at society and all the things we see on social media and in the news, we know, without a doubt, that those who love our culture do not always share the same love for us as a people. That hurts. It's haunting and emotionally draining to see so many of the people in the Black Community, those known and unknown, are killed, abused, not accepted, and seen as inferior simply because of the color of their skin. While our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and all others who have lost loved ones due to police violence, we demand justice. Our platforms and our voices will continue to be heard. The prejudices we face and experience are not who we are, in fact, it is because of how the Black Community has always been treated that there are massive changes that need to take place. There is a revolution that we must all get on board with concerning how we plan to move forward. 

We need you to help us take a stand against racism by standing with us! Please understand that our stance is unwavering; we will not tolerate being unseen and unheard or as anything less than equals deserving of the rights and freedoms of those who look nothing like us. We never asked to fit in, in fact, we love us. It is the hope of the Black Community and all of us here at Cultured, that you begin to respect who we are as people. Cultured is a movement. We are more than the color of our skin, and our company reflects our values and expresses, through powerful creativity, who we are. Black. Dope. Melanin-fueled. Unique. Educated. Aspiring. Cultured.

We stand together, with the Black Community and all of its supporters, because we are a part of the change this world needs.