“I walk into major retail stores like Target and Marshalls and I don’t see items created for people who look like me,” said founder Jeremy Seeden. This very statement was the birth of his clothing brand, Cultured.

Founded in 2018, Cultured lives by its slogan, “For the love of Cultured: Embracing Melanin One Shirt at a Time.” In an effort to bring more awareness and celebrate black culture, Jeremy wanted to create something that gives people of color a platform and a voice.
Cultured is not only a clothing brand, but a movement. A movement that says we are more than colored faces. We are trend setters, creatives, artists, and individuals who work hard to love the skin we’re in. Cultured hopes to embrace and reflect diversity through our products. Every purchase gives one more person an opportunity to embrace the way they were created without limitations.

For the love of Cultured!